Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stolen from dA

Name: Julie
Age: 15
Gender: Female 

A brief description about yourself? I'm just your not-so-average girl trying to live peacefully with people who are extraordinarily normal. I live in an apartment with my mom, dog (Shelby, nickname: Poochie), cat (Skitty) and hamster (Trixie). Eventually, I want to share my room with a dove. My favorite season is Summer and one day, I hope to be a published author.
Single and proud

How did you come to start writing?
 It seems like I've always been doing it... Since I was little, I've always loved creating characters and telling stories about them. My first piece was a short story I told my mom one night about my cat Petie (I swear, that cat was my guardian angel). Later, she had me write it down and I started calling it a book. I was 4-5. I didn't even consider becoming an author until the end of 6th grade, when my teacher wrote on my report card that she knew my name would be in print someday. My 8th grade L.A. teacher convinced me that I could actually achieve that goal, so I've been working seriously with my writing for over a year now.    

Why do you still write?
 I guess it's just something that I need to do to keep me sane. Even if I didn't want to be published, I would still do it... It's too precious to call a habit or a hobby... You could say it's the best way I can express myself.

What inspires you to write?
The list is endless. Music and coffee are loyal muses to me. Observing nature and watching the world go by are also helpful. Inner demons and my personal "perfect world" often have influences.

How far have you come since you first started?
Very far lol. Thanks to certain individuals, I'm always finding room for improvement.
Is there a poet or writer you look up to, or base your style on? If so, who?
Yes... more than one. I look up to a few famous ones... JK Rowling (for her success and where she came from), Edgar Allen Poe (for the sheer beauty an honesty of his poems, and the dark worlds he creates in his stories) and Ann Frank. There are also friends I have friendly competitions with, which motivates me. I don't really base my style on anyone specific... I guess my style is a mish-mosh of every style that has ever influence me.
Style of music you usually listen to?
 Classical, Symphonic Metal, Hard Rock, Metal, Pop, Soft Rock... anything that isn't hardcore gangster rap, I guess.
What is your element and/or zodiac?
 Water... My Sun sign is Pisces, my Moon sign is Sagittarius and my Venus is Taurus. I consider one's Sun sign to be dominant, so I call myself a Pisces.

If you were a flower, what kind of flower would you consider yourself to be and why?
I would be a tiger lily... unique and out of place.

What is your favorite time of the year and why?
They all have their ups and downs... but I like Summer the best because everything is alive and flourishing. I have more energy then, like I'm in a euphoric high that whole season.

What do you believe in?
Earth is a goddess and we've fucked her up so badly, that she can no longer tolerate mankind, and will destroy us if we don't start changing how we do things. What, you think I'm crazy? Take a look around. She isn't happy.

What do you think is the most important thing/person in your life?
There are so many people and things in my life that I just couldn't live without... I couldn't possibly choose one over the other. If I make a list, it will be endless.

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