Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dead pets are the best. They don't die or break your heart.

Well, this is my first entry. This blog won't revolve around anything specific, just my random thoughts or anything that I want to talk about.

Easter is tomorrow. Am I doing anything special? Not really. My mom and I are having a "fancy" dinner. But that's it. I'm not exactly religious in the Christian aspect.

I'm frustrated. I want a RP group/buddy, but I don't want to work my ass off looking for one that shares my same interests. I don't really care who they are, just as long as they can continue an interesting story with me.

Tornadoes have destroyed my country.... part of it, anyway. Storms like that are fantastic in a terrible way. They have so much power... tossing cars through the air like toys and tearing through buildings, devouring and destroying the things inside. I sorry for the poor people who have to go through such terrible things.

I'm not here to make friends. I am here to rant.

Yours truly,

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