Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chanters = Epicness

I must be cursed... these past two days have hell for me.

My e-mail was hacked and I lost $20 that was in my pocket when I went to buy milk and eggs for my mom. Ugh... I hate to think what tomorrow will be like.

I ditched PWI because the music was driving me insane, and I decided to play Aion until my subscription runs out. I'm starting fresh on a new server... because Zikel is a terrible server and all of the Asmos are lazy bums who have lame excuses for not attending sieges. Aion is built for PvP... you shouldn't be afraid of sieges, otherwise, you're better off playing a different game. I'm on Vaziel now, since some people spoke so highly of it. My chanter's name is... Ladynaga. It's a shame that some people don't get both references.

Unlike the current PWI, Aion has beautiful music. My favorite song would have to be Song of Moonlight:

I can't wait to do Kromede's Trail again... that quest is so amazing. It took me over and hour to complete on my old sorcerer, and it'll probably take even long on my chanter, but I still look forward to it. It has an amazing plot. You spent so much time hating Kromede in Fire Temple, because she's so damn strong... but then you learn her story. What's amazing is that during the quest, it's like you're having this dream where you actually are Kromede.

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