Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Death is a bitch... a stupid, stupid bitch

I've been under a lot of stress lately, so I've been shying away from the sad and depressing things I usually involve myself with, and surround myself with happy things... or, things I could consider to be happy. Gloating about how superior Harry Potter is to Twilight happens to be one of them.

I also haven't gotten that much writing done, which I need to do... I promised my small circle of readers on ff.net that I'll post weekly now.

My sad, sad mind has been hanging on to one depressing thought lately, though. And that would be war.

Some of them in history were, in fact, necessary. The French and American Revolutions and some of the battles in WW2... but silly things like Vietnam, Iraq and who knows how many old wars fought purely over territory or bragging rights... that's just idiotic. Life is such a valuable thing... and we're all the same in so many ways. We all understand physical and emotional pain, and are capable of feeling it. We're all human. We all have similar needs. It goes beyond just humans, too. Animals... even trees. Not many can see or even bother to look, but with every decision we make, we impact something else. The death of one human could be the suffering of so many others. And the same applies to all living things.

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