Saturday, June 4, 2011

Leave at once, punny human

So, I was going to walk over to the trail by the forest preserve today. I had a water bottle and some snacks packed, and practically bathed in sunscreen (I don't tan that well... I just burn), so I was ready for a nice long walk. I walked a quarter of a mile before I was like "oh my gawd... it's so hot out here..." so I wandered in the nicely shaded areas around my apartment complex instead. I took some pretty cool pictures too. A red-winged black bird was nice enough to grace me with his presence... I must have been intruding on his territory, because he kept squawking at me and flying in circles while I was taking pictures of him. I would upload them if I could, but my computer is stoooopid and doesn't read my camera when I plug it in. 

I was able to get a little bit of meditating in, too. The black bird continued to squawk at me for half of it, which was quite distracting. When I got out my granola, a dove poked its head out of the grass and stared at me for a long time... I would have offered it some, but there was some chocolate mixed in there, and I didn't want to make it sick.

Overall, it was a nice day. I need to spend more time outdoors.

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