Saturday, June 11, 2011


So, I've started playing PWI again. They have a new race and two new classes now, but I had no interest in trying them. I went back to my old Venomancer.

Yeah, apparently they're giving away epic gear now... but it only lasts for 19 days. What's the point of that? You get used to having a good defense (except for me... cuz I'm a squishy) and then it just disappears. "Oh, sorry, you have to buy new gear now... buy some random items that you have to buy with real money from our item mall, and sell them for ridiculously high prices... so you can afford to craft gear that's just as good..." ... Nevermind, I see the point now.   


It used a variety of songs that were mysterious and epic... now it's just the same annoying song over, and over, and over, and over... everywhere you go, it's the same song. 

I understand that games need to make progress... but I really, really miss the original version... when there were three races and six classes. THAT was what I fell in love with (but then I found out about Rohan and I was like "ha, screw this"). The Tideborn look a bit lame and the trailer for their patch scared me. The Earthguard look pretty cool, and the Genesis trailer was epic... but I don't feel that they bring anything valuable to the story. The existence of the Tideborn and Earthguard just ruin the original story. Pangu made THREE races... not six, THREE. 

Don't mind my nerd-raging xD

.... gawd, I miss that music so much

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