Monday, May 30, 2011

I honestly don't know what to call this...

Hello there, poppets.

I'm in SUCH a good mood today. I got one of Scott Cunningham's books. Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. The library was closed today, so I went to Barns & Noble instead, to find that they have a nice little collection of tarot decks and spellbooks. Of course, all the spellbooks are on the bottom shelf and hidden from view, though. I was sitting on the floor for half an hour while I was flipping through them. They had this really cool one about animal totems and body language, but I went with Scott Cunningham instead. They also had this really awesome tarot deck I wanted, but I couldn't afford it.

Yesterday, I went to Caribou Coffee with a friend of mine and, of course, had some coffee and did some writing. Well, I did some writing. She attempted to work on a script and got bored, so we resorted to talking. It's sad... she's the only other Pagan I know personally. We must be the only two Pagans in our school... which really, really sucks, but it's easy to believe. A vast majority of the kids here are Christians or Atheists. There are lots of Hindus too, but mostly Christians and Atheists. I've yet to meet any practicing Jews or Buddhists.

By the way, if you're a coffee lover, Caribou has AMAZING mochas. Order a dark chocolate one and they'll put a chocolate covered espresso bean on top, which is heaven.

I've started working on my Claymore fanfiction again. It makes me nervous that I haven't gotten any criticism on it. I wouldn't consider fanfiction to be one of my strong points, and all I really did was alter an event that happened in the story and make up events that would follow afterwards. Oh, and I told it from Irene's point of view, even though it's mainly about Teresa. There's also some *cough* romance between them. There aren't any couples at all in the original story (except for Riful/Dauf) and, even though I'm not one for mushy love affairs, it irritated me a bit. Like... Yagi set up some situations between characters, where you were led to believe there would be some romantic affection, but one of them disappears or turns out to be a monster (Raki/Clare, Clare/Jean, Raki/Prissy, Isley/Prissy). That never really happened with Teresa and Irene, but I was led to believe that Irene had some feelings for her from the way she acted.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about... this is Claymore: 

I highly recommend it if you're a fan of medieval fantasy. Episodes 1-4 are kind of a pain, but once you find out about Teresa it gets more interesting.

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  1. I can understand that you didn't know what to title this post. There is a lot of information on very different things. I enjoyed Claymore, the ending was kind of sad though. Still, sometimes sad endings make the story better. Critisism is always good, when shown the right way. I think it really helps build character and helps you prepare for what people might say (or worse!). My editor is very helpful in the sense that she doesn't just blatently praise my writing, as sometimes my friends do. I enjoy you're posts. Keep writing! Forget music being food for the soul, writing is fuel for the mind. :)