Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Electonica + CSO = LOVE

Yes, yes, I'm back.

I've been without internet (and computer access, for that matter) for awhile now... I tried to make a short post last Thursday at school, but my HS's network won't let me post entries.

Last Thursday was my CSO trip. It was an optional thing for my orchestra, and I decided to go. Hey, Italian food and good music? I was down for it. The bus ride to Chicago was agonizing... all of the windows were open, but it was still boiling and the bus reeked of sweat. We had dinner at Italian Village, which was awesome. They gave us this really long table where we sat and had our food. My group and I had a very interesting conversation while we were eating... we somehow went from the topic of video games, to Soviet Russia. Don't ask me how, because I have no idea. Then, we walked (or frolicked, rather) around Millennium Park.

Now, I consider myself to be a rather mature person, but if you put me outdoors with my friends, you wouldn't know it. The girls in my group all took off their shoes (except for me, because I don't wear shoes that hurt my feet) and there was lots of chasing and flailing involved. I think we were free entertainment for the people there and the rest of the kids on the trip. Oh, and I hugged some trees. I like hugging trees... they feel nice. Then we went to the CSO concert which was A-MA-ZING!! The first piece they played was a deliciously odd mix of electronica and classical music. At one point, they had a techno beat going on. And Yo-Yo Ma performed. Ohhh, he was so, so good. He's much better live than he can ever be in a recording. And he puts so much passion into his music... just amazing. The whole concert was very cello-centric too. That made me happy.

My concert is this Thursday. For once, I'm looking forward to being on stage.

I'm working on my meditation... finding the right type for me has proven to be difficult.

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