Sunday, April 24, 2011

RWJ used to be a GOD

I use to watch RWJ back when his show was about politics. I remember his rants about Sarah Palin and Rob Blagojevich's idiocy, and jokes about Obama's stimulus package. He used to be funny without having to try so hard. You know what happened to him? Ray needed a job. No one would hire him because he was considered "dangerous" because of how vocal he was about politics. Now, all of those videos are gone and have been replaced with... well...

.... that. Sad, isn't it?

Why. Why must society put a damper on brilliant minds? Rant about politics when you're not being paid to do so? "Ohh, sorry hun, we can't hire you because you're DANGEROUS." Being proud of your religion? "Ohh, sorry hun, we can't hire you because you're a RELIGIOUS FANATIC."

Like all lower-middle-class Americans, I need a job, even though I'm *only* 15. Is that going to stop me from speaking my mind? Hell no.

After all, I'm here to rant, not make friends.

~ Julie


  1. so, are you Wiccan?? I'm studying Wicca. =)

  2. Yup, I am. I converted to it a few months ago, actually. Nice :)