Friday, June 24, 2011

RIP little piggy...

I have a busy day today, which is unfortunate, because I'm so incredibly tired.

So, I'm going to the library to hopefully hunt down a copy of The Crucible. I have to read that before Sophmore year offically starts... I thought it would be about the Burning Times when I first heard the title and thought "oh wow, this should be interesting." But then my mom told me it's about family values... and I felt like vomitting on the carpet because is sounded incredibly boring. A friend of mine who started reading the book says that it talks about witchcraft, so that lifted my spirits a bit... it seems like every person I talk to about the book has something different to say and I don't know who to believe.

Lets see... I'm getting new shoes today, since the pair that I'm wearig is about ready to fall apart and the rest of them don't really fit me anymore. I'm also getting my hair cut and I'm eating out with my mom.

Yesterday... I accidently ate bacon. My mom got some food from Panera Bread and got me what I usually ate there... a turkey sandwich. I refused to eat it, but she just shrugged and said "fine, then you can go hungry today," so I ended up eating it anyway. She's been very concerned about my health lately... so that's why she bought me something with meat in it. She forgot to tell them not to put any bacon in the sandwich, so I had to pick it out. I thought I picked out all of the bacon, but there was still some left... I took a bite and thought "wow, this tastes odd..." (I didn't have bacon for about a year before hand) and then looked in the sandwich and realized I didn't take all of it out. Since it was such a small amount, it didn't make me sick... but I felt really bad about it and my stomach started cramping. I felt bad about eating the turkey too. Damn it, I STILL feel bad about it.

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