Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Art teachers are scary...

First day of finals. I didn't have one 1st block... I could've slept in, but we don't have a working car and I wasn't sure if there would be a bus before 2nd block. So, I hung out in the library, studied and wasted some time on the internet. 2nd block was my Biology final... I have a feeling that I failed it. Aaaand 3rd block was my Art + Design final.

3rd block was weird. I left my independent project on the teacher's desk, and when he walked in, he looked at it and yelled "WHOSE IS THIS!!".

Me: "Uhh... mine?"

Teacher: "... it's beautiful..."

Then everyone wanted to see it. He also kept it so he can put it on display next year. I honestly don't know what to think. Yes, I put a lot of effort into it. No, I don't think it's worthy of being put on display. But oh well, I guess it was worth something, since my Art teacher is very hard to please.

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